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Professional and classy document redesign.

Rajat was looking for a striking design to accompany his elaborate Slide Deck Presentation. He wanted to wow his investors without looking too flashy. He wanted it to be all business - black. white, and simple. We used the recent Brand Strategy guidelines (created by Sweet Vision) and made sure that it fit the bill. All photos were filtered to fit the aesthetic of the brand. Some English translation and copy editing was done to create the final piece.

All numbers, facts, and sales.

It was important to create something to impress in future meetings, and that was our main focus. It is important to be able to impart design in minimalist environments as well as full-out design environments. This design shows an example of that range and the Brands recognition in minimalism. This project answered the question many might ask after receiving their newly designed deliverable...."Can our design still look good on the day-to-day document, the more simplistic handouts we need to generate in the office?" With the help of Sweet Vision, any design goal can be achieved. We understand the importance of versatility, scalability, and cost efficiency.

"This was my second time working with Allyson and she delivered an amazing job." - Rajat, Kingsmen Coffee

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